Wall Lights for the Bedroom

Using wall lights to light a bedroom is an ideal space saver.  Simply mount to the wall and there is no need for a bedside table — or, like me, you can just keep your beside table free for books.  And while they are practical and functional, wall lights (also known as sconces) can also be used to make your bedroom look as stylish as a boutique hotel.

Vary light distribution using wall uplighters and downlighters; by placing uplighters underneath a shelf, or downlighters over vanity furniture you can really add interest to your space. Fitting wall lights in addition to your ceiling lights means you results in a more comfortable visual effect. Having only one light source will not provide the soft ambience suited to a bedroom — leave the glare to your offices at work.

Here is my pick of the best wall lights for the bedroom:

1) The Teti lamp is affordable and refreshingly simple. It emits a bright white light that works great over mirrors or a dressing table, and can be fitted in a pair to open up alcoves.


2) Artemide’s Tolomeo Faretto is fully rotational, meaning it is ideal for bedside reading, or over a desk. Its polished aluminium finish is sleek and modern. For a more elegant look, the Hector wall lamp (also from Geoffrey Harris Lighting) is made of bone china.


3) The Bestlite BL7 also works as a great downlight for desks and reading in bed. Its small size means it can also function as an accent light, illuminating dark corners and bookshelves.

wall lights for the bedroom
4) Place an uplight such as Artimede’s Surf lamp near the ceiling to make a small room appear larger.  Its architectural shape and white opaque finish would look great with any décor. Consider contrasting the clean lines of the Surf with an exposed brick wall.

5) If you prefer something softer, both the Chuo 250 and the Chuo 380 from Astro are dimmable. Its white fabric shade creates an ambient pool of light both upwards and downwards, making any room look sophisticated and expensive.

wall bedroom lights

All lights are available from the great selection at Geoffrey Harris Lighting.

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