If I were

There’s a Facebook application about “5 things I have wanted to be when I grow up” that I answered earlier and I chose those that at some point in my life I dreamed of doing.  Being an interior designer is one of my ‘what could have beens.’ Then of course, I could still be my own house’s interior designer and I am.  Though our wall’s color (below photo) is hubby’s choice, the smaller details are mine.

I have always enjoyed browsing  decorators catalogues, furniture brochures and  home improvement ideas websites for some tips and tricks or I would just simply enjoy the photos. 😀 Those materials are also good sources if one is filling up a home and still trying to find classic or modern designs and fitting  ideas, things one can do to save time and money, cheap furnitures and all that. Since my being an interior designer can only be possible at home, I try to make the most out of it. Even if our flat is a mere 76 sq.mtrs, designing and improving it is worth my while.

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