Wall Color Trends for 2014


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Even as a kid, I have always been fascinated by color. I used to spend a great deal of time playing with different hues from my water color palette. Back then, that was one of my most treasured possessions. Now that I’m all grown up, my penchant for color has carried over, and I find myself helplessly drawn to the endless possibilities of the color wheel when it comes to decorating my house, for instance. Inspiration suddenly strikes, as I check out ideas for wall color.

This year, the color trend for walls is anything but plain, old, boring white. Going down the immaculate route is so ancient history. For color aficionados like me, that’s great news.

Colors depicting the seashore are making a huge splash this year. Think blues in a pale hue and shades of mint green. Cream or beige are representative of sand, so you can likewise use these colors to give your home a “beach-y” feel. They almost effortlessly give off an air of tranquility in your home. Pastel shades give a breath of fresh air to your otherwise dreary room.

If you feel that your walls are dying and could use some serious color CPR, go for energetic colors such as rich reds, bright yellows and cool teals. These particularly work well in open spaces or on an accent wall in your family room or kitchen. An emerald green shade suggests a sense of renewed energy and optimism. Yellow is indicative of sunshine, fun and freshness.  London interior designers are all about these colors, make sure you visit one of their sites for inspiration.

Spring is just around the corner. This couldn’t be a more opportune time to repaint your walls in fresh color. With the right hues, you can instantly change the mood of your home by bringing nature inside, or by spicing things up with vibrant color. Sooner or later, your emotions will follow suit and fill you with the happiness and peace you seek.

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Maximum Impact with Minimal Furniture


Designing the interior of a small apartment, loft, or condominium unit usually poses a challenge to most people. Figuring out how to put everything you need inside the room can be a test of patience and spatial reasoning skills. You’ll also need to get your creative juices going in choosing furnishings and décor that do not clash or make the room look cluttered. One can deal with their design dilemma with less fuss – and stress – by sticking to minimalist designs that combine style, comfort, and functionality. At times, it’s the small room with minimal furnishings that create a strong impact on guests.

small space design ideas

Design elements that make a room look more spacious are fundamental considerations in dealing with small interiors. White, neutral tones, or light colors are commonly used to create an airy and pleasant ambiance while mirrors on the wall offer an illusion of a bigger space. When it comes to furnishings, size and number matter a lot. Measure the available space to make sure that you can fit all the essential furniture without making it look like a storage room. However, this doesn’t mean that your options are limited to small furnishings only. A big sofa with a couple of throw pillows for the living room and a small coffee table can be fitted in the living room and still leave some space for you and your guests to move around. Multipurpose and convertible furnishings like loft beds for kids, pull down beds, or expandable console tables are space savers that can also add character to your rooms. Storage spaces that double as artworks, room décor, or furniture are treasures that one should seek in decorating small rooms. Clutter is the enemy of space, so make sure you have some place to put away the things that you need and get rid of those that you have no use for.

Clean and sleek lines in furnishings and décor are prominent characteristics of a minimalist design. This works well in designing small spaces because it helps prevent clutter and easily highlight areas and decorative elements that are meant to impress house guests. Hertfordshire interior design company , The House Clinic, has a lot of great design ideas that can inspire you in decorating small rooms. They too utilize minimal furniture in creating maximum design impact.