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Elegant Bed

When we were looking for furniture and stuff, I was surprised that hubby chose a rattan bed. Along with that bed we bought an L-shaped leather sofa, unfortunately, it looks beaten now, after 4 years of enduring being jumped on by the kids. Browsing online I was led to this page of elegant beds. They offer a wide range of beds, matresses and other bedroom furnitures in the latest and fashionable design that fits one's taste (and bedroom). Children's bed, divan beds, and leather beds plus more of them, you get to choose from simple to elegant to the most practical. I find the storage beds the most convenient though, since our kids have those. Given our room space, we need to use up all the ...

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The White House

Well not the White House in Washington DC, but this interior dominated by white. I'd definitely love to have our interior like this but with 3 kids who loves to paint, I doubt our home would later be dubbed "the dirty-white house." ...

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Spring Lovin’

Spring, sans the pollen, is the season that I mostly look forward to...it is because of the vibrant color that it brings that inspire me to take photos tirelessly.There's green and yellow everywhere, there's pink and purple too! I can stay around such a place for a whole day if I can! The kids share the same sentiment with me. They could spend long hours outside picking flowers and stones, look for bugs and sit on those greens. Dandelions and lawn daisies are the most common weeds one would find in abundance at the backyard when spring comes. It's so fun that after having mowed, they grow in two days again...another chance for photography. I also like decorating the house with plants ...

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