Utensil/Gadget Appreciation – Apple slicer

When I was still working as an English tutor at an after-school institution I often look for this particular utensil, an apple slicer. The kids love munching on apples and we are provided about 50 or more apples a day for each group composed of 20 kids! One can’t really finish an apple in one sitting so what I would do is slice them.

It would be too much of a job using a knife so I’m really grateful to whoever invented this piece…with just one downward motion you get precise slices and you can remove the core easily… You don’t need to remove the seeds or core from each piece…it goes down one clean cut for the core. This little kitchen gadget is easy to clean as it is stainless steel.

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  1. i love this little piece of genius, whenever i see stuffs like this for the kitchen, i am always tempted to get one, sure will be a big help to have one handy at home, right? hopefully meron din peeler/slicer for apples! 😉

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