Redo Your Living Room Wall with Red? or Blue?

painting red wall
Our living room’s red wall


Regular changes in our home decors can add spice to our lives especially for those who have a routine based lifestyle. Coming home to a different look in our living area once in a while is one way to break the monotony in our routines. Even subtle changes can help create a refreshed look for our homes and project positive vibes for both residents and guests. These changes can vary from simple furniture rearrangement or changes in the décor, accents or color scheme. Painting your living room wall with shades of red or blue can be a welcome change in your home particularly if you have been living with neutrals most of your life.

A constant consideration in room design is the color scheme, and deciding on which shade to choose can sometimes be one of the most difficult aspects. Most traditional or classic interior designs make use of monotones and neutral colors for the walls while modern living room designs tend to be bolder in their color schemes. Colors influence our mood and knowing the subtle effects of shades can help you decide on which scheme to use.

Those who would like to exude warmth and vibrancy in their living room may consider painting their walls with a shade of red. This color is often associated with power, energy, and passion. A wall painted in bold red can exude strength and sophistication that is reflective of the personality of its owner. In contrast, a blue painted living room wall exudes serenity that offers cool and calm comfort for its guests. If you want your guests to feel relaxed and at ease in your home then you can select from the various shades of blue that fits the architectural design of your home. One modern idea for blue painted walls is the faux denim design where fabric effects are integrated in the paint job. Those who can’t veer away from whites, monotones and neutrals can still integrate modern designs through accents, decors, and furnishings.

Choosing your wall color is a crucial part of your interior design, a choice that highly depends on the personality and preference of the user. You can pick a red or blue living room wall color as you please, the important thing is that you are happy and comfortable with the shades and designs that you choose.

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