Finding Heating Parts That Are Not In Your Local DIY Store

Finding parts like a flexelec anti-condensation heater is something that cannot usually be found in your local DIY store. Also it may be difficult to source these parts as a trade shop that will stock this kind of equipment may be far from where you are and also charge a premium because it is a rare part to find. Whether you are repairing a heating system yourself or you are a trade’s person looking to do it for one of your clients it can be difficult to be competitive on price if you do not know how to find the right parts.

Here are some tips on finding high-quality components like a crankcase heater (FCH) but without paying a premium or travelling far to get it.

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Your first port call is obviously going to be the Internet. The reason is because there are a lot of trade shops that are now based online and can deliver nationwide. Here you will be able to compare all of the prices and choose the best quality one that suits your needs.

When buying online it is important that you find out about the company that you are purchasing from by checking the Internet for any negative reviews about them. If they are a reputable seller then they will probably be on Google places and you will be able to find reviews about their service on there. Also by typing in their company name and also the word “review” after it may bring up any negative information about them.

Check to see if they use a merchant service that covers for goods that are posted. The best ways of buying components like a heating element is to use a credit card because these will usually protect you for online purchases.

Also see if the company provides a telephone number and e-mail address and contact them on both. You will be able to see their products online but it is better to purchase over the phone as you can get more information about the parts they are selling.

Lastly one of the benefits about buying heating equipment and components online is that you can get a higher quality product for a lower price. This is because they do not have a shop front which can be costly and it is always worked into the price making retail purchases more expensive than online ones.


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