Choosing Basic Cookware for the Kitchen

A well equipped kitchen makes meal preparation fast and easy even for the novice cook. The most basic kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, stove and cooking wares. Modern kitchens are equipped with more appliances like food processors, microwave ovens, coffee makers, etc. Some even have a set of fancy cooking tools like garlic press, pepper grinder and the likes. However, all these fancy stuff won’t have much worth without a good set of cookware in the kitchen.

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The saucepan, skillet or frying pan, stockpot or casserole and grill pans are basic essentials in the kitchen. Knowing the cooking preference and skill of a person can guide consumers in choosing the right size and materials for their cookware. Single living individuals may opt for small sized pots or pans which are just right for cooking single to triple size serving, while those who regularly prepare family meals can go for medium to large sized pans. The usual range for pots and pans in the market is from 16cm to 30cm in diameter.

There are also cook ware sets comprising of a skillet and at least 2 pots in different sizes that consumers can avail of. They can choose from different cookware sets offered by known retailers like ProCook Cookware and create their own set from the various high quality wares of this brand. A buyer should also consider the material of the pots that they are going to buy because it can also affect the way they cook their dishes. Aluminum and stainless steel materials are good for general purpose cooking, non-stick pans for healthy cooking or low fat cooking, while cast iron is ideal for frying or browning. Other materials that may be found in the market include: carbon steel, anodized aluminum, enameled aluminum, and ceramic or stoneware.

Choosing the right cooking equipment for the kitchen can help homemakers prepare great tasting meals for the family in a more efficient manner. Using the wrong cookware can ruin a good recipe if one is not careful. Get cookware only from trusted retailers that help consumers pick the right pots and pans for their kitchen.

15 Replies to “Choosing Basic Cookware for the Kitchen”

  1. I love cooking so when I’m in the mall,I am fascinated with the different cookwares I saw.I still remember that my grandma’s gift in my wedding are different sizes of casserole.I bought non stick pan for less use of oil in our dishes.

  2. i think i need another non-stick pan for my kitchen. right now I only have 1 so you can just imagine how over-used + over-washed my lone pan is. if i get an alternate, am sure my pan will thank me for it. i don’t mind the other cooking equipment, i won’t know how to use them anyway! 😀

  3. I always prefer non-stick pans too when it comes to cooking and baking. Sometimes, not all pans are made of it, so good thing, non-stick cooking spray is available now! Also i find non stick pans more expensive than just those regular ones. But, thanks for sharing this website. I will check them out soon to see if i could find a new skillet too.

  4. Did you know that those non-stick pans made of teflon are carcinogenic? I just learned that from hubby the other day. That’s why those pans which are already scratched can not be used anymore. So care in washing must be done on these kinds to prevent from scratch. 🙂

  5. I absolutely agree, in order to prepare meals efficiently cookware is a factor. And your post reminds me of getting a new one. Hubby bought me a Tfal set but it’s aluminum and I don’t like it as much since the food sticks to the bottom. I need nonstick ones.

  6. I agree having the good cookwear will compliment your cooking also! I have mine just last December and i tell you i love cooking with them with my yummy foodie 🙂

  7. I have all sorts and its true it does make a difference to my cooking. But I could do some more new frying pan and wok though, maybe great ones like these.

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