Is Interior Design the Right Career for You?

Reality TV shows like 9 by Design, Extreme Home Makeovers, and Clean House make the task of redecorating the house seem fun.   It may be challenging also but always doable.  No wonder a lot of viewers are inspired to pursue careers in Interior Design.  However, any viewer who is seriously considering a career in this filed shouldn’t simply rely on the insights shown in these reality shows. They would have to look into their personal interests, the job description and occupation requirements for the profession, career opportunities, and the earning potential of an interior designer before jumping into an Interior Design course.

The most successful people in the world are often those who chose a profession that allows them to do the things that they love. If you are one who looks at an unfinished room and view it as an artist would view a blank canvass, then interior decoration may be the career for you. People who find themselves doing the home décor on their own, or subconsciously finding ways to improve the decors in public places like restaurants or offices are perfect for this profession. Aside from personal interest, one should also evaluate if they have the skills and attitude for the job. Interior design requires creativity, eye for details, good communication and organization skills, and the ability to work as a team player.

The primary task of an Interior Designer is to create a functional, beautiful and safe interior space for their clients. This involves coming up with the plan or design for the rooms and effectively present it to clients. To do this one must be familiar with interior design elements like lighting, space, colors, textures, fabrics, decorative pieces and others. One would need to obtain a Bachelors degree in Interior Design in order to qualify for employment or project.

Graduates of Interior Design can pursue a career as a freelance interior designer or join design firms as one of their employees. Interior designers earn around $46,000.00 or roughly $22 per hour. If all these things sound good to you, then it is time to scout around for a school that will help you hone your skills and give you a Bachelors degree.

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