Decorate Small Rooms To Make Them Appear Larger

There are a number of tricks and tips that can help you to give the illusion of a larger room. If you have a small bedroom, bathroom or even living room, you can easily give people the impression that the room is a bit larger than it actually is, simply by applying a few interior design tricks to your décor.

First, smaller rooms tend to look cluttered so it is important that you remove everything that you do not actually need in the room. Magazines, mail and other papers should be organized and put away somewhere out of sight if possible. Baskets are perfect for helping to organize papers. Pick up a few inexpensive baskets and store your mail and other important documents in those on shelves or anywhere that you have room. Keeping those papers and books from cluttering up tables will help to make the room seem a bit larger.

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Larger furniture normally does not work well in smaller rooms. Choosing smaller furniture items is much better so if you can, move out larger pieces of furniture and replace them with smaller items. Sofas that have thinner arms as opposed to overly stuffed arms are a good choice for small rooms. Smaller beds without footboards are also good choices for small bedrooms. Vintage furniture tends to have a smaller appearance so if you can find vintage pieces, these will work great to give you more space in your small room and vintage furniture is typically relatively inexpensive.

One trick for making a small room appear larger is to avoid furniture with hidden legs. In the living room for instance, your sofa and chairs should have legs that show underneath as opposed to bulkier pieces that hide the legs. Beds should not have a dust ruffle unless of course you want to store things under the bed and hide them from view. Under bed storage is an excellent way to free up space so that the room is less cluttered but if you are not utilizing underneath the bed for storage, allow the floor to show. It will help the room look as if it has more space.

Mirrors are excellent for adding space that is not really there. Mirrors can be integrated into your design and the reflection gives the illusion of more space. The light that reflects off the mirrors will also help to expand the room so place them across from windows if possible or anywhere on the wall where light can reflect from them easily.

Finally, using lighter colours is best in small rooms. Darker colours tend to pull in the room and make it appear more crowded and small. Lighter colours will brighten up your room and give the appearance of much more space than you actually have.

Just a couple of these tips will help you to make your smaller rooms look larger. If you incorporate all of them, you may be surprised at just how much space your small room actually has.

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