I was cleaning our living room earlier when I noticed our white leather sofa’s black spots. 🙁 I really felt bad because hubby and I has given it good care since the time we bought it; but as he said, all furnitures have their “end.” The sofa has been with us for five years now, has 3 kids jumping on it and sometimes eating there as they watch movies.

I sometimes put on a slipcover, well two pieces of cloth that serves as cover but not the one pictured here. I think it’s only online that I’ve seen such suede, twill cloth slipcover, there are also recliner slipcover and dining chair slipcovers but I haven’t seen one that’s shaped like an L as our sofa is. If only there’s a tailor/seamstress (if that’s also what they’re called for such products) who can make one for me….hmmm.

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