Plants, Planters, Pots

I’ve been thinking of removing the big palm tree in our living room as it has withered slowly these past months. My guess was, the pot isn’t big enough to contain the growing roots, or maybe I just got a black thumb.

Besides, I could actually use new decorative containers (planters) that complements our red walls.

I thought of visiting the nearest garden/interior supplies outlet to look for plants and planters alike, but because they are closed this holiday season I ended up looking online for planters. was my first stop, a detailed website of both decorative outdoor planters as well as indoor designer pots.

The site listed a detailed category of all planters by size, shape, color, material and those that would certainly fit your budget.
Then in case you decide to order bulk (perhaps as gifts for your neighbors), they will ship them to you without hassle. Be sure to read the contents of the FAQ page for details and promos…especially if you’re not from the U.S. like me.
Still, while browsing I got interested with their lovely display of window box planters. I really like those plants hanging by my neighbor’s window, that I took a photo once (see there, pelargonias are planted).

The website lists some accessories too like plant stands, (stainless steel) watering cans and sprayers.

Definitely your one-stop shop for garden stuff…you can order online anytime.

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  1. i wish i can have flowering plants all over our place. when i was younger, my mama would plant anything + we’ll have our own version of bahay kubo, what with all the plants + veggies around, except that our house is not a bahay kubo! i only wish i inherited her talent with plants…

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