Cost Effective Vegetables for Your Garden


Growing your own vegetables can be fun and a great way to do gardening. By having your own backyard vegetable garden you can be sure of the quality and the freshness of the vegetables that you would be getting. You can never be certain about the vegetables that you can get from the market. There’s no way for you to know if it has been sprayed with harmful pesticides. You can wash it all you want, but harmful chemicals could still stick to it.

You can also raise certain vegetables that are not so easy to find in the market. Exotic and rare delicacies could be an excellent addition to your garden. But there is one benefit that gardeners normally don’t think about when planting a vegetable garden. That would be saving some money.  The reality is that no amount of technique would make raising vegetables cheaper than buying them. If you consider the value of the labour that you put into taking care of the vegetable then you could be eating a really expensive salad there.

Still it is good to consider cost effective vegetables that you can plant in your garden, and some of these can even be grown as indoor plants. You can at least be sure that you would not be wasting your time and effort in taking care of those plants.vegetable, garden

Here are some of the more cost effective vegetables that you can try:

Bell Pepper

Green bell peppers can cost $1.50 for each piece. The yellow and the red ones can even be more expensive.  But you can buy pepper plants at a lower cost than that. So it just follows that if you are able to grow the plant and it could yield five or more peppers then that would be a really cost efficient. Peppers do not require a great deal of care too so it is still cost efficient when you factor in the cost of labour.


Lettuce has always been one of the more expensive vegetables to buy. There are varieties that can really be costly. So if you can start raising your own lettuce from a small packet of seeds that can cost from $2 to $3 then that would really be worth it. You can enjoy it only after a few weeks. The only downside is that might need more care than other types of vegetables.


The price of garlic can vary greatly. What’s known however is if you raise your own garlic and you do it in the right way then it would just cost you about $ .50 for each pound. That might mean a great deal of savings if you consume a great deal of garlic.

Winter Squash

Though squash can be bought at a relatively low price, this plant would grow like a weed and require almost no care.  So it can be very cost efficient to include it in your garden.

These are just a few of the vegetables that you should have in your garden if cost efficiency is what you have in mind.

This article is by Madam Stewardess, she’s an eco nut from Australia with two green thumbs and a great big smile for life.


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  1. We opted to not have a veggie garden this year and I really miss it. I am however going to plant garlic this fall so I can reap the harvest next spring and after reading your post, I think I’ll add some lettuce and squash too.

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