Super mini frying pan

I got a mini, no…a super mini frying pan from the grocery store near us. It’s so small only an egg could fit in, which is actually what I really wanted. As early in the morning I wouldn’t want to use bigger pans and go clink-clanking to wake up everyone. This small pan is light and eggs slide off easily. 😉 I have difficulty making sunny side ups but with this pan it’s easy-peasy.

See, even the little boy finds it easy to Made this eggxtra special by adding some seasalt and herbs (dried basil, dried tomato bits and oregano).

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8 thoughts on “Super mini frying pan”

  1. I have one too mare but I'm not using it anymore. I kept it as a remembrance of Mama (hehe) 'coz she's the one who bought it.

  2. HAHA! Cute! I've seen one before yet I really adore it. 😀 hehe..

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    Nash :)

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