Red Candles

I love scented candles…

I have a number of them around the house and in different colors + scents too. The tall one has red apple scent which gives off a subtle and refreshing feeling. The small one that’s almost through is strawberry and its scent much stronger than the apple. I put these candles for our dining table and light them when we eat. 😀

Like moth to a flame, the kids can’t help but blow them off at times. 😀 I take extra precaution by not lighting them up when I’m not in that room.

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13 thoughts on “Red Candles”

  1. Red is my favorite candle color too!


    Yellow’s the color I wear at dawn
    When dancing dewdrops spangle the lawn.

    Red is the color I wear at dusk
    When earth and sky are dry as a husk

    And nothing stirs—not even a wing
    Of bat or swallow or anything!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Kuan Yin Temple

  2. I love scented candles too! It's a different feeling when you are eating with a lighted candle on the side.

    Thanks for joining sis!

  3. what i would do is, i will recycle old candles (or the unscented white ones) and put few drops of essentials oil na pinabili pa s divisoria ^_^. i like vanilla and lavender, very relaxing scent.

  4. i suddenly remember a story. pardon me:) i bought scented candles and give as bday pressies. a friend told me “db masama magbigay ng candles?”
    whatever superstition she’s holding onto, it didn’t dampen my spirit and get on giving the pressies:)

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