The Clean Cut Benefits of Having a Mudroom at Home

Homemakers who are constantly bothered by the dirt and clutter that kids often bring in to the house should consider adding a mudroom or a really organized entryway/entry hall. As the name implies, the mudroom contains mud and other outside elements to prevent it from spreading inside the house. This may either be just a small area or a tiny room near the entry way. Most houses in farm areas and snow-prone areas have a mudroom situated near the entrance of the house or by the kitchen. However, other modern houses and apartments also get to benefit from installing one in their homes.

The most obvious benefit of having a mudroom is to aid in maintaining cleanliness in the house. You don’t have to run after the kids with a mop whenever they come home from a soccer game or a rainy day. The dirt, dust or mold can be contained in a small space and tackled at the end of the day. Since you are able to maintain clean surroundings in your home, you are also able to protect your kids from disease causing germs and bacteria. It also serves as an easy storage for shoes and jackets especially during spring, fall and winter. (Imagine our mudroom in winter after the kids – I have 3- played in the snow.)
entry hall or mudroom
I would like our mudroom to look like this because for now, ours is chaos. photo via
Another benefit is that it could provide additional storage for you by simply installing wire racks, pegs or shelves. It can be a good place to put the usual stuff that are left cluttered around the house like coats, umbrellas, sports gear and others.
Those who have kids that are active in outdoor sports may find that investing in a well equipped mudroom is well worth it. These kids are sure to bring in dust and mud from their shoes, clothes, bags and sports gear on a regular basis.
Before investing in your mudroom, you must first assess the needs of the family members. Most city dwellers would simply need to contain minimal amounts of dust or mud from entering the house. Thus, a small area near the entry way with a coat stand, umbrella bin and some mats will do. Others who often have to deal with a lot of these outside elements need to seriously consider the design and layout of their mudrooms.
Aside from providing ample storage, make sure that the materials used for your mudroom is durable, moisture proof and easy to clean. The most common flooring materials used for this type of rooms are vinyl, stone, tiles or concrete. Those who have family members that come home with shoes and gear caked with mud may want to have a sink and floor drain installed too.
In the fast paced world of today, modern homemakers need every help that they can get to efficiently manage their homes. Having your own mudroom can help you manage the cleanliness in your house and give you more time to perform other tasks.
Organized entry hall
More space for shoes. *google image*

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  1. although i basically get the picture, this is actually the first time i’ve ever heard of a mudroom, every parent with rowdy boys ought to have one at home! 😉

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