Flower as Gifts: Thoughtfulness in a Package

Flowers at home never fail to brighten up my day. It is this same feeling that I somehow want to share with friends and family. And so I thought, why not send flowers as gifts to everyone for special occasions or just when I feel like saying thank you,  especially since online flower shops are just a click away. – this solves another problem too since I’m increasingly finding myself to be stumped for gift ideas. These flowers are the perfect way to let family and friends know and feel that they are remembered in the dearest way. For a friend who got married two years ago, I opted to buy her favorite flowers, from a choice of gifts while I gave the husband a gift cheque to his favorite tennis store.

Those who do not want to bother their gift recipients with having to arrange the flowers for display can opt for vased arrangements that are ready to set out on a special place in the house as soon as they are taken out of the package.

flower gifts vase
flower gifts vase

When choosing to give flowers as gift packages, you first have to find out if your gift recipient has any allergies to flowers and pollens. It goes without saying that you should never choose to gift allergic friends with flower arrangements. Barring any allergies, your next step would be to choose the kinds of flowers that would be appropriate to the occasion. Sunflowers and mums are great for those who are sick or in the hospital as they are sunny and cheerful. Lilies and tulips are classic all occasion choices that simply say “you are especially remembered today.” That’s just what I did, thanks to a variety of online gifts, I send lilies to my mom in time for Mother’s day this year.

On the more practical side, you have to choose flower arrangements that fit your budget. If you are having your flower arrangements delivered, make sure to factor in the cost of shipping and delivery. Make sure too that the flowers you choose are able to withstand time and travel too. You do not want your flowers reaching your gift recipient already wilted and brown. Online flower shops have the convenience of being available for you to check out anytime of the day. They also have all the information that you need about their charges and their delivery procedures online.

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  1. I don’t gush over flowers but still I want to received a bouquet on special occasions most especially from someone who is very dear to me. 🙂

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