Our Balcony

Some time ago our balcony never looked so naked. I used to have pelargonia and hibisucs in it, fortune plants and harlequins in a plant box. The only plant left there now is our grapevine which has thrived for 4 winters now…It would have fruits at some point but now the leaves are just starting to show. I also used to grow some herbs and place them in the balcon a  bit during summer. I’ve had basil, oregano, marjoram and parsley to name a few.

Pelargonia buddings 3rd day

I’m planning to redesign our balcony this summer. I’ve actually planted forget-me-not bluebirds in the plant box that has been a seating ashtray for our smoking neighbors who just three their cig butts out the window. Some of the boxes even suffered damages during New year because some people above us were deliberately throwing their stuff there! Hmph!

For now, revarnishing the wooden bench is top priority then I’d putting some more plant boxes. Next would be cleaning the walls, putting some cute outdoor décor like a sounding frog, solar lamps and bird figures…May sound much but I think those would be really nice!

Ruby Tuesday

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