Why Choose a Bidet over Toilet Paper?


Bidets are widely used in Europe and a few other countries. Nevertheless, it’s something that many, if not all, Americans aren’t too familiar with. A bidet is an oval basin that looks like a smaller and lower version of a toilet bowl except that it doesn’t have a tank and is used for an entirely different purpose. Bidets are used to clean the genital and anal area, well, after you’ve done number 1 and number 2.

There are other variations of the bidet. One is called the bidet seat. This looks like a toilet seat and has a bidet attached to it. You need just replace your existing toilet seat with this one so you can start using it. It’s more economical that way, since you don’t need to have a separate bidet installed in your bathroom. Another variation is the handheld bidet sprayer that you simply need to attach on the wall next to your toilet or to the tank itself. However, whichever type or variation of the bidet you choose, the purpose served remains the same.

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Why did we say earlier that American’s aren’t too familiar with bidets? Well, let’s just say they rely more on toilet papers. So much so that they actually use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper a year. That translates to 15 million trees being pulped every year, and the figures are according to Scientific American, a popular American science magazine known for presenting scientific information to the public. Nevertheless, you don’t need a science magazine to tell you that 15 million is A LOT of trees! Hence, it’s easy to understand why many people consider using bidets as the better option. Trees need to be saved!

Of course, some may reason that THERE ARE toilet papers made of recycled fibers. The fact is if every household in the United States used just one roll of toilet paper made with 100% recycled fibers instead of using a roll of virgin fiber toilet paper, they are helping to save 423,900 trees! So why is there a need for bidets when there’s an alternative option?

Well, there are many reasons why a bidet is better than using toilet paper. For one, washing down there is a more effective and hygienic way of cleaning yourself than using dry paper. Besides, dry paper can be rough and abrasive. The last thing you want is to cause abrasions in the most sensitive parts of your body.

A second reason is a bidet offers a new level of comfort. Think about it. As opposed to using toilet paper, water is a more soothing way to clean yourself up. Many people are sensitive in that region, so bidets would work well for them.

The third reason is a bidet, particularly the basin type that’s separate from the toilet bowl, operates hands-free. Therefore, there is less chance of you getting germs on your hands. You simply sit on it, keep your hands on your lap, and let the bidet work beneath you.

Fourth, a bidet is perfect for people with certain medical conditions. Persons with disabilities who are having a hard time wiping themselves down there would find bidets more practical to use.

Fifth, bidets are a godsend for new mothers and women in general. If you’re a woman, then you know just how unsettling it feels down there on those red days. Washing your nether regions with water helps you feel fresher and cleaner than if you use toilet paper. In addition, women who have just given birth might find bidets more soothing and relaxing to use especially since childbirth makes women very sensitive down there. Finally, bidets are perfect for seasoned citizens who may find it increasingly difficult to use the restroom.

Obviously, there are many reasons why a bidet makes for a practical choice. Not only is it the more cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly choice but it is also more hygienic.


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  1. Using a washcloth would be somewhat taboo in the Americas, though it’s really no different than if you were toweling off after bathing. Traditional bidet use can involve the use of soap — think about it as a small shower. But even in countries where bidets are common, people often reach for toilet paper.

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