The Ease of having Polished Concrete

In today’s busy world, even a homemaker may find cleaning and organizing the home a daunting task. It’s not easy maintaining everything at home spic and span. One has, as a matter of fact, need to spend hours in cleaning…dusting, tidying, sweeping and making sure everything’s shiny.

And here, we found the best low-maintenance and greener alternative for granite and ceramic tile. It’s versatile too, polished concrete can be used not just as flooring but as countertops as well.

polished concrete
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There are a number of reasons more why polished concrete is becoming the choice for home and office flooring or as kitchen countertops, here’s some:

1. Reduces allergen problems. Unlike other flooring materials, polished concrete does not harbor mold, mildew, dust mites and other allergens. Wood, when it gets wet produces mildew, polished concrete when it gets wet is not only easy to dry off, it doesn’t seep in, obviously.

2. Long life expectancy. Durable. That’s what we look for in any thing that we bring into our home…especially the floors since it is the cover to what is the base of our abode. Be assured that polished concrete sustainable and long-lasting. It will not easily chip or dent as others materials would.

3. Easy maintenance. Just mild soap and water, a little wish-wash and you’re done. The surface remains clean or looking clean with very little effort. Other materials need frequent vacuuming and some stains easily, which doesn’t happen on polished concrete surfaces.

4. It’s eco-friendly. Probably the best reason why we’d love this type of flooring is it can radiate heat and store solar energy. Also, being sustainable – you can make use of the materials already present, you do not need to source out a lot of materials and this is better for the environment. And because they are long-lasting, you do not need to replace it as often as you would other flooring materials – saves you both resources and money.

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