On Talents and Faucets

“Talent is like a faucet, while it is open, one must write.”- Jean Anouilh

The past week has been a productive one for me, in writing that is. I know it’s not how I used to, it’s not my style but I thank the opportunity that I am still able to do something I love.

So what does the picture have to do with this post? Nothing, it’s just a faucet by my son’s kindergarten. Since I got a faucet quote, I thought it appropriate to include a photo! 😉 I probably need to work on that, choosing which photos to include in an article and how to relate it well.

Now, what if the water flowing froze, what should one do? ^_^

3 Replies to “On Talents and Faucets”

  1. i agree + i guess today is one of those days that my faucet is running on empty, which lead me to bloghop + comment here instead of working on some posts i have been meaning to write on my blogs….where art thou my muse?

  2. Well, I can say that you have a talent on capturing great photos and using them on your posts 🙂 This might be a dumb question but how did you capture that water drop perfectly? Lol

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