Lemons for a Cleaner Home

You may never have thought that your favorite juice drink could make a good cleaning product for your home. Lemons contain natural ingredients that can effectively remove those stains and dirt in your home. So what exactly do lemons possess which makes them the best friend of every “cleanaholic”?

Lemons have natural acids which provide good antiseptic and antibacterial cleaning materials. So if you want to know what wonders lemons can do to your home, scroll down and read on.

1. Tired of those nasty molds and stains in your kitchen countertops? Get rid of them using lemons! Just generously pour lemon juice all over your counter, and wait for the acids to melt down the hardened stained. You can now easily rub these stains off using a scrub. Rinse your countertops later on.

use lemons for home cleaning

2. Clean your kitchen sink using a mixture of salt and lemon juice. Squeeze three lemons and add salt to the yielded juice to make a paste. Apply this to the surface of your sink, scrub it evenly and watch the stains and soap scum go down the drain.

3. Make your plastic containers good as new by pouring in a good amount of lemon juice and baking soda. Put on the container’s lid and shake it. Leave it overnight and wash it the next morning with a sponge.

4. Clean your cooking utensils with a mixture of lemon juice and salt. Cut a lemon in half, dip it in salt and scrub it evenly at the bottom of your cooking pans and pots. These utensils have copper materials at the bottom and the lemon juice and salt mixture helps it become clean and shiny.

5. Lemon juice is also a natural bleaching agent. Apply a generous amount of lemon juice in stained white cloths and linen. Wash them with your usual detergent and let them dry. See how the lemon juice can work just as fine as the bleaching agents you buy at the grocery store!


6 Replies to “Lemons for a Cleaner Home”

  1. i actually use lemons or calamansi (plus baking soda) in cleaning our fridge, the fridge is squeaky clean and feeling fresh.
    same thing for the sinks, i am too frugal to buy pricey products at home depot 🙂 i even used it as facial cleanser.^_^

  2. Thank you for sharing. These come handy especially that we mothers are busy on spring cleaning.

    I will try Tip #3 in later today. My first to hear it.

  3. I am using calamansi ‘coz its more available; possibly the same effectivity as when using lemon. Thanks for sharing these tips. Indeed these fruits have variety of usage.

  4. I love lemons. They’re not only good for cleaning the house they’re also great for cleansing/detoxifying your system. I wish they were readily available here in Manila… I’d like to do the lemon cleanse. 🙂

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