Kitchen needs

Having some days off proved useful for hunting kitchen cabinets and appliances. I also had time doing some floorplans and designing with the help of a free online software. I don’t plan on changing ours but looking at IKEA’s and other kitchen design websites is simply inspiring. 😉 If for anything, I want my mom’s kitchen back home renovated. (This topic is normally posted on my other blog btw.)

white kitchen blocks

Browsing about led me to a widerange kitchen and dining products buying guide, a treasureful of resources.

Advice on buying pots and pans per usage, care, which size to use are carefully detailed. From the featured photos, I identified some are like mine. I’d be embarrased to admit though that I sometimes use the frying pan and sauté pan alternately. 😀

I’ve been wanting to buy a blender since but seeing this food processor makes me think. Blenders are often seen behind coffee shops or bars. They can be used to purée, blend, and grind. As for the foodprocessor, it excels at slicing, shredding, chopping, and pureeing fruits and vegetables, grating cheese,grinding stale bread into crumbs, cutting butter into pastry crust, and kneading bread dough. The pages additionally gave recipes for great blends you can do at home. I’m still choosing which is better to have though.

So if you are in search of kitchen gadgets for your own kitchen or for gifts, unleash the kitchen-ista in you and find an online guide on toasters and ovens, kitchen appliances, coffee makers, dining sets, wine glasses and more.

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    1. I wish this is our kitchen. Sis, this was in Ikea, the kids love playing pretend when we’re there…they name the living room setup, kitchen setup by cities or countries —- they found Japan, Philippines, London, Paris and other familiar cities…they say I should take a photo when they act up 🙂

  1. me too! I thought of buying those things but good thing we have little budget for those coz i know i’ll use them only once. am not really a kitchen person. hehe..

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