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Investing in the property market is not something that everyone has the heart to do especially since the economic shakedown figured heavily during the recent years. IPIN Global makes property investing more strategic and significantly flattens investment risk through structured investment opportunities as well as a deep market intelligence bench. Tens of thousands of investors from all over the world coming from various backgrounds have been able to realize above market returns since 2004.

Since its inception, IPIN has gained its member’s trust and confidence as a preferred investment representative, negotiating and purchasing investment shares at terms that are most profitable for its members. Today, it continues to work towards maintaining exclusivity for its members and sustaining its growth by increasing customer value through the development of partnerships and proprietary investment models.

IPIN property investments come with minimum annualized return on investment (ROI) rates and deposit protection features. This kind of returns is made possible through property investment strategies by IPIN global. What particularly distinguishes IPIN property investing from others is that it takes a smaller number of investment opportunities in the property market but makes sure that these opportunities are well-researched and are backed by due diligence reports put together by reputable independent law firms.

In the network’s basket of opportunities are property investments that are competitively priced, are located in areas projected to experience continued appreciation in the property market, and are of minimal legal risk. People on the ground, so to speak, are engaged by IPIN in order to gain deeper understanding of the opportunities presented by different property markets around the world.

Geographic boundaries are transcended by IPIN global property investment strategies. Investors all over the world are able to ride on the vast resources of IPIN and its network. In a capsule, being a member of IPIN puts an investor’s finger on the pulse of the property market to allow him to make the right investment decisions on a basket of opportunities already screened and researched for him.

The proprietary strategies used by IPIN gives its members a unique and structured way to invest in the property market with minimum risks and maximum potential earnings. Signing up for IPIN membership is, in effect, like signing up for the services of an investment relationship advisor – exactly the kind of expertise that is needed by someone who wishes to cautiously dip his toes in the property market to build and sustain his wealth in a secure manner.

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  1. With the current economic turmoil, most people prefer to keep their money in their drawers. This new strategic investment can be a good answer to those who are afraid to put their money in investment.

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