IKEA for your Home Needs

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IKEA Wien Nord is one of the few stores near our place that the kids enjoy visiting. It’s more than just a furniture store. IKEA is undoubtedly the largest retailer of furniture and their ready-to-assemble pieces doesn’t just make it easier for homeowners, they’re designed to fit one’s preferences too. May I also add that most are available for carry out you can take your furniture there and then and install them immediately at home. Some are ready for delivery the next day and that’s why when we moved to our new apartment we had almost all what we need bought at IKEA. We got our keys on a Monday and we were able to sleep there already come Tuesday.

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IKEA also offers cute stuff for the home like these pots in pink and blue. Perfect for the kids’ rooms. Pink for the little girl and blue for the boys.

Gemütlich. That’s what son1 would always say when we’re in IKEA, cozy is the nearest translation and I have to agree. He enjoys looking at the displays and pointing the sofa that he’d like to have or get a feel of pillows if they’re soft enough.

ikea pillows

At times he would also identify a set of furniture display with the city that it would seem to have come from. Below is his New York furniture set. ^_^ He said although he hasn’t been to New York yet he can imagine that this is how an apartment there would look like.

IKEA also have play areas called Småland (Swedish direct translation small land) where kids can stay while their parents go about shopping. Småland is also the same name of the Swedish province where Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA’s founder when he was 17-years-old, was born. At some areas especially at the kid’s bedroom display there would be slides and installations of where kids would enjoy being or what they would want doing.  It’s like letting them have a feel of how their bedroom would be with such furniture, toy storage and toys, mini tables and chairs.

Imagine loads of set on display like this and it’s like an interior designer’s haven. I bet they just have to use all 37.500m² of space for displays…

ikea sofa

 Lastly, IKEA brings Swedish cuisine to IKEA restaurants which aren’t just tasty, very affordable too. After going about and around, you could sit comfortably and enjoy a yummy Swedish meal. Below would be spinach linguine and cream sauce with Salmon and red pepper, Almondy Daim chocolate cake, Köttbullar (Swedish meatballs) and Almondy almond yellow cake. What’s better is frozen meatballs are also available for take home along with a gravy mix packages, and lingonberry jams too. Salmon and chocolate cakes can also be bought as well as Swedish treats not easily available in your neighborhood grocery stores.

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5 Replies to “IKEA for your Home Needs”

  1. I guess the best thing about IKEA is that it has a perfect place where kids can wait comfortably. 🙂 The store owner knows exactly how kids feel when their mom shops! ;p

  2. My boss, a Dutch national, is a fan of IKEA store. Most of his home furniture, even our office furniture were bought from IKEA Taiwan. I was told that there is now IKEA store here in the Philippines but no confirmation if it’s true.

    1. There are small showrooms in Makati and QC, they have a multiply shop too and you can look for what’s on sale at the shop before actually going. 🙂

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