Stylish Fire Extinguishers

*only in france

Portable fire extinguishers don’t only come in red. The outer casing of fire extinguishers actually have different colors to indicate the type of medium or agent they contain. They were normally; blue for powder, red for water, black for carbon dioxide, cream for foam and green for halon.

Fire extinguishers are a regular in places where fire is common…but it should not be limited to such. It is best to keep one even if you live near a body of water. It is especially convenient in the kitchen which is the most common place where fire accidents start.

To add some zest from the usual plain colored extinguisher, you can opt to have its casing customized. It started in France when a design company got bold and introduced chic-painted extinguishers in colorful, minimalist and eye-catchy designs. Home-owners who value aesthetics will definitely appreciate such.

Designs and casing aside, it is always recommended to keep a portable extinguisher at home. Being ready in any accident  is the best way to go to keep your house away from harm. Here are some of the must-do’s regarding extinguishers.

1. Easily seen. Make sure that your extinguisher can easily be seen. This maybe the reason why casings are plain, to make them standout from the rest of the wall’s color, where they are usually mounted.

2. Read and learn. It is wise to know your gadgets, appliances and other stuff at home, so goes for extinguishers too. They come with instructions and certainly tips on how to use them well. Make sure that you understood these. Doing so would make you well-equipped in using the extinguisher in case a flame starts.

3. Check and recharge. Make sure that your extinguishers are not empty. Companies normally have regular checks for theirs, you should too. It’s quite easy to recharge extinguishers, just make sure that you refill it with the correct agent.

In this hot months, fire accidents are more likely to happen. That’s why it will be good for homeowners to learn more about fire extinguishers found at fire protection online. They have an extensive list of different extinguishers along with necessary information. But while it is of utmost importance to familiarize ourselves with how to put off fire, it is as significant to learn how to not start fire. 🙂

colorful fire extinguishers



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  1. first time i see such “designer” fire extinguishers. it would be nice to start on a collection:)if that would also mean our house would be fireproof 🙂

  2. i am only aware of the red colored fire extinguishers, i used to have it in my ICafe business before, yearly i just have it refilled, how come i did not saw such beautiful fire extinguishers, lol

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