Candles by Barboglio

I collect candles (tealights and candle holders too), scented or not, decorated or not. I have them in glasses, small pots and bottles. I enjoy the subtle smell of these candles, it gives a certain feeling of comfort. There are beautifully designed candleholders by Jan Barboglio ( that I am eyeing (see photo below). Barboglio’s creations are inspired historic Mexico, each handmade giving a variety of beauty.

My kitchen has some candleholders (glass tea-candle holders to be exact) sprawled about since I would light one or two when I cook so that the food wouldn’t strongly smell. However, for decoration purposes I prefer these ones, collectibles and fine designs.  For now I need to sort our home accessories; I should remove the vases and smaller plant pots or just buy a new shelf for the candles I’d like to display and use. Since its winter, I light more candles than I used to. They make the house smell nicer specially when most of the windows are closed.

Do you also enjoy the smell of scented candles?

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