Fish Frying Pan

Since milkfish has lots of tiny bones, deboned (butterfly cut) is a great option to enjoy it. A little salt and pepper then crispy fried does the trick.What I don’t like in cooking it is the part where the fish should be flipped because the skin, on some occasion, sticks to the pan, or the stomach (which is my favorite part) gets left behind.

Thank goodness I was finally able to buy this oval fish pan that I have been eyeing since last year, I always forget to go back to where I first saw it until it became available last week at the neighborhood shop.

Teflon made, this one is non-sticky and the fish fits perfectly without me having to worry about the tail!

Milkfish is one of my favorite fish.


Super mini frying pan

I got a mini, no…a super mini frying pan from the grocery store near us. It’s so small only an egg could fit in, which is actually what I really wanted. As early in the morning I wouldn’t want to use bigger pans and go clink-clanking to wake up everyone. This small pan is light and eggs slide off easily. 😉 I have difficulty making sunny side ups but with this pan it’s easy-peasy.

See, even the little boy finds it easy to Made this eggxtra special by adding some seasalt and herbs (dried basil, dried tomato bits and oregano).