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Growing our favorite herbs

I grew up surrounded by plants and trees, most especially tropical fruit trees which I truly love. Talk about papaya, soursop, avocado, coconut and banana. There are pineapples, mangoes, starfruits and a lot more though I may have forgotten what they are exactly called. Now living in a city, in an apartment high above the ground, there’s just no way that I’d be able to have any tree at all. The most I can plant to have some greenery around our simple abode are ornamental plants and to make things smell sweeter, herbs and some smaller vegetables.

There may be not much space in our balcony but with careful and calculated spacing, we’re able to have basil for spaghetti, dill for our fish dishes, parsley for carbonara and potatoes, thyme, oregano, capsicum and if they thrive; bell peppers, carrots and cucumber too. Oh, we also have grapes planted at a corner.

Planting herbs is not only beneficial in that sense. They also beautify one’s home and at times repel certain insects. Lemongrass and basil for example makes mosquitoes go away. Lavender, though rarely used for cooking, repel moths and fleas. Mice hate mint which smells really good. Sweet Woodruff or Potpourri plant as I call it deters moth, carpet beetles and at times, ants.

As if that’s not enough, these mini-plants are still beneficial even if you don’t need them The discarded parts are good as compost.

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