Organizing Your Garage


Every home garage needs help in order to be of the most use to the family. While the family might be storing all of their extra personal items in the garage, the garage may not be equipped to hold all of those personal items and knick-knacks. Reorganizing the garage and making storage space for the family can save money, save trouble in the house and help to keep the rest of the house clean.

Something akin to a Garage Appeal design can help the family to change the way that their garage looks and functions. Moving everything out of the garage and putting in storage units from floor to ceiling can make the garage an ideal storage locker that the family does not have to rent.

 Ceiling bins can be installed to store seasonal items that the family only uses once a year. Bikes and other personal vehicles can be hung from the ceiling or the walls to save space on the floor. Also, the walls can be fitted with large cabinetry and other storage units that will help to keep the floor clear of excess junk. When the family has to put away excess items from the house, having dedicated storage in the garage that also looks nice can prevent the family from spending money on an off-site storage unit while also giving the family easy access.

The best of these designs allow for the family to choose to make their garage into a storage space or a workshop. The people who enjoy working on their cars can keep their tools near their car while also having their toolbox at arm’s reach. With this sort of design, the carpenter can convert part of their garage into a shop where they can make furniture for the home that rival’s commercial products.

The issue of keeping the home garage clean and organized is something that can be handled with professional organizational techniques and beautiful furniture that sections off the garage as a storage space that rivals the finest commercial designs. Changing the design of the garage can change the cleanliness of every home.


Remodeling Ideas for Your Garage

What is the easiest way to add more space to your house? Of course, the answer is to remodel your garage.

A very cost-effective way to gain more space for your house is to remodel your garage. You can greatly expand your home’s living space especially if you no longer use your garage to park your car (that is, if you park your car on your driveway instead). Remodeling your garage can actually help you become more organized. Obviously, once your garage is spic and span, you would have better judgment and stop storing everything there. Besides, that’s the reason why you probably have a basement – so you’d have a secure place to store the things you don’t need (at the moment).

Now the question is what can you do with your garage? Well, interior decorators would tell you that your garage is the most conducive place in your house to convert into a workshop, a studio, or a home office. You can also convert it into a gym or a room for any other activities you or members of your family enjoy doing.

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Evidently, remodeling your garage and converting it into any of the above-mentioned does not necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice your storage space or parking area. You would be surprised at how multifunctional today’s garages have become. Most homebuilders have taken it upon themselves to maximize the usefulness of garages. Hence, most garages are roomy enough to secure a car, serve as general storage, double as a workshop, or more.

Converting a garage into another useful living space is not difficult what with its proximity to your house. Being that a garage is mostly attached to the house itself, redirecting phone wires through it is easy. It also wouldn’t be difficult to install a heating, cooling, and plumbing system in there.

Others have gone the extra mile and decided to add another room above the garage, which, most of the time, serves as a home office or a living quarter for grown children. Here are other suggestions to help you make the most out of your garage:

  • Transform it into a laundry room (if you don’t already have one). This is better than having your laundry area in the basement that requires you to run up and down a flight of stairs every time you do your laundry.

  • Turn it into a music studio. You’d be surprised to learn that many of the famous bands these days had their humble beginnings in their garage. Nevertheless, if you decide to turn it into a music studio, make sure you soundproof it if you don’t want to earn the ire of your neighbors.

There you have it – wonderful ideas you can work with if you’re planning to remodel your garage.