Fab Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Having a bathroom that is well lit follows that the bathroom lighting fixtures installed are the appropriate ones.  Even the smallest bathroom spaces need considerable lighting but not much just well-lit for a comfortable feel.

If your bathroom has windows, it is a good source of natural light.

In choosing bathroom lights. consider the following points toy have a well-lit bathroom without sacrificing your preferred design.

1. Assess your bathroom lighting. Turn on all possible lights and see where shadows are cast. Visit the nearest furniture store and see which style you like best. Take notes of  of the dimensions, the brand even color.

2. Decide on the style you like or what would fit your bathroom.

3. Choose bathroom ceiling lights that are not harsh.  Too much light could be blinding while too little could be straining. Lights with frost glass works well (translucent).

4. For the mirror,  the best ones are those that surrounds the face with light. This is to  minimize shadows under the chin, eyes, cheeks, and forehead. Wall-mounted sconces on either side of the mirror works well.

Bathroom Suites

I was at a furniture shop near our place the other day. I was looking for a box to store the kids’ toys and a garbage bin to replace the one we had under the sink. I can’t remember where I got the old bin so it was not an easy hunt for me. I asked the attendants but they were giving me one that would take weeks to be delivered after order has been placed. I remember the last one was an item that I took home right after paying.

While at the shop looking for the bin, I explored the kitchen and bathroom section, opening the sink cabinets to look for the said bin. 😀 I can’t help but be amazed by the displays of most kitchen units and this particular bathroom suite.

Source: bhg.com via Christina on Pinterest

Just looking at this makes me want to renovate our bathroom! If I was patient enough to shop around 5 years ago, I might not have rushed buying what we installed in ours. The prices though are a bit expensive compared to UK’s betterbathrooms offerings. And that’s not yet on sale so imagine the prices slashed to half of the original—you get more than what you paid for. So now in case we move to a bigger place, I know exactly where to buy bathroom furnitres.