Understanding Foundations and Repair

Repairing foundations of any kind can be challenging. The foundation supports the entire structure and it is essential it retains its structural integrity. Houston foundation repair is especially challenging because of the expansive clay soils found in the area.

The clay soils absorb water in the wet season and lose moisture during the dry season making the cycles of swelling and shrinking severe. The volumetric changes can cause significant foundation problems, and if the problems are not addressed immediately, the problems will only become more costly to repair.

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The foundation repair team fully realizes not one size fits all when it comes to foundation repair. It takes the expertise of geologists and engineers knowledgeable in Texas soils to identify the nature of foundation problems and design a solution based on the specific soil types. Foundation specialists, such as Perma Pier Foundation Repair will design the best solution along with utilizing the best technology for a long term repair. Foundation design is a function of the soil type and any repairs made must also meet the requirements of the soil type.

Foundation problems typically do not appear out of nowhere or overnight. They are usually the result of wear and tear over time, but the wear and tear is not always visible until the result is a problem. The foundation repair specialists are trained to identify problems which include cracks in bricks, uneven doors, doors or windows that no longer open or open with difficulty, cracks in walls, fascia board separation and floors that become slope and/or crack.

The foundation repair specialists will take the time to analyze the problem and address specific issues before designing a solution. The team will explain the problem, and the recommended course of action to be taken to remedy the problem. The recommendations will also include the necessary fixes to prevent foundation damage in the future. For instance, if the foundation problem is due to groundwater and groundwater infiltration, the remedy will include the installation of a foundation drain to prevent groundwater problems in the future. The repair team will also present the customer with a detailed cost estimate before beginning the work.

The repair team at Perma Pier is well versed in the commercial and residential foundation repair and is always available for a consultation and foundation analysis. They not only design solutions to repair the problem, but they also address the issues that cause the problems.

Keeping Landscape Equipment in Top Shape


Landscaping equipment such as trimmers and mowers are used throughout the year to maintain sidewalks, driveways, patios, parking lots and other spaces. Over time, parts wear out and need replacement. Trimmers often need new string, spark plugs, oil or other frequently worn parts. Using the right size, shape and type of string is essential; the wrong string can permanently damage the device. Mowers need new blades, filters, starter cords and more.

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lawn moving bot

Many company’s sell after-market parts for lawn equipment such as Arnold parts. You will need to know the brand, make and model of your device so that you can identify and order the right part. A large number of parts may work on several machines such as belts and wheels. You will need to know the correct belt and wheel size to order so that your equipment will operate efficiently and safely.

Routine maintenance for all lawn equipment such as trimmers, edgers, tillers and mowers is essential. For professional landscapers, properly working equipment is paramount. An edger that tears the grass instead of cuts might result in the loss of business. Having properly working equipment is also the goal of homeowners who take pride in landscaping skills.
Sometimes manufacturers will discontinue equipment or certain parts. Instead of tossing a favored piece of machinery out, having a parts supplier saves money for both homeowners and businessmen. With the proper parts, landscaping equipment can last for decades. This also reduces the amount of machines sent to landfills that might otherwise continue be of service.