Top 5 Secrets to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Sparkling

Anyone who is raising a family will understand the pain of trying to keep the house clean. The kitchen, by far, is one of the most important things to keep dirt-free at all times. This is the place where you both store food and prepare it. As a result, you want to make sure that there are no germs which can be passed on as this can end up causing a lot of serious illnesses. There are a couple of guidelines here which will allow you to keep your kitchen clean and sparkling, but will also ensure that you have something that you will be proud to show off to guests.

clean kitchen
Spic and Span (photo via Pinterest)

1. Clean As You Go

This may seem like a very simple thing, but it is in fact something that very few people do. Often, when preparing a meal, you may just leave everything out until the job is done. This will leave you with a huge mess at the end which can be a nightmare to clean up. By cleaning as you work, you can ensure that your surfaces are always clear and that you have more space. Even if you simply make a sandwich, make sure to put the bread back in the cupboard and clean the knives. This can also prevent all cutleries from piling up in the copper sinks which can also be a nuisance.

2. Wipe Your Surfaces Regularly

Make sure to wipe your surfaces every day and use an anti-bacterial spray. Surfaces can clog up with germs quite quickly, especially if you have small children. By making sure you give the place a quick once-over in the morning and in the evening, you will be able to keep the place sparkling.

3. Rotate Your Stock

If there are any perishables in the refrigerator in the cupboards that can go off quickly, make sure that you use them as soon as possible. Rotting meat or vegetables can end up leaving a bad smell and will attract things like flies and fruit flies. Making sure that your stock is regularly rotated will ensure that your cupboards are kept clean and that you do not eat anything that is gone off.

4. Make Sure the Sink is Clean

A dirty sink can throw the entire kitchen off. Make sure that there is nothing in it and that it is always sparkling. If you have to wash something, make sure that you put it away as soon as possible.

5. Keep Everything Clear

This applies to the counter tops, the stove and the sink itself. Do not let dishes pile up on the draining board. Make sure that you keep everything out of the way and your kitchen will always look good.

Everyone wants to have a home that they can be proud of. Making sure that your kitchen is always in good order will mean that you will have one more room to show off to the guests.

Arthur Jones is a freelance writer who is passionate about cleanliness. Keeping a kitchen clean at all times can be a challenge as he understands being domesticated, but these simple tips have helped him in many ways.

How to Repair Vineyard Trellis

Vineyard Farming

Vineyards play a very important role in farming. Different crops require different methods of farming, and vineyards are

specialized farms in which certain crops could grow. Vineyards allow grapes and other growing plants or crops to grow freely. Farmers pay special attention to the spaces between crops because crops that grow too close to each other could present a lot of complications. Crops growing too close to each other will compete not only for space, but also water, sun and the countless important minerals from the ground which the crops need for healthy growth.vineyard trellis

Vineyard Trellis

Vineyards are designed specifically for crawling crops. Vineyards are constructed in such a way where crops can freely grow without the danger of crops fighting for space. Vineyards have trellises that allow the crops to crawl unhindered. Trellises are very useful since without

them, it is almost impossible for vines to grow. Also, when vine grow on the ground, they could eventually cover the farm grounds. Vineyard trellises organize the growth of crops. Crawling plants will not grow properly without the use of trellises. Without trellises, fruits that grow out of these crops may not survive at all. Fruits that are on the ground can easily be picked up by land animals. They could also be prone to all sorts of crop diseases that are caused by growing too close to the ground.

Trellis Maintenance

Because vineyard trellises are so important, farmers always pay close attention to them. Vineyard trellis repair is extremely crucial in the success of vineyard farming. Since plants grow on trellises, these structures can be subjected to a lot of elements that could eventually lead trellises to break down. Here are some of the causes of trellis damage:


The extreme temperatures caused by weather changes cause the structural integrity of a trellis to deteriorate. Rain and sun can cause a lot of damage to these structures as well. Sudden changes in temperatures can significantly affect the structure of trellises.


Crawling plants rest on trellises. Vines can get really heavy and could eventually cause trellises to collapse. Even the trellises that are built to support a considerable amount of weight can collapse after some time if plants grow unevenly around the structure.

-Wear and tear. Just like any structure, trellises are susceptible to damage due to wear and tear. Even well-built trellises will eventually succumb to the problems caused by wear and tear. That is why it is extremely important to inspect them regularly.

Vineyard trellis repair can be a bit of a challenge. Repairing a trellis covered in vines and branches is hard. However, with the right tools and the right skills, it can definitely be done. Trellis repair clamp is one of the most commonly used tools when it comes to repairing these structures. A trellis repair clamp is used to secure trellises while they are being repaired. Regular inspection and early detection are crucial steps in maintaining vineyard trellises. Repairing the damage before it gets worse can help extend the life of trellises.

This article was provided by Cyril Rask, a freelance writer who’s fond of writing articles about gardening/farming and other related topics. He has done an in-depth research for Jims Supply while writing this post.