Princess Beds

Whenever we’re out on vacation, I always see to it that the hotel beds are comfortable enough for the kids to sleep on. I mean, I book our travels but of course, I cannot be sure the quality of what we’re staying at…unless it’s a recommended 5-star hotel. In such cases, I always enjoy the atmosphere and the beautiful interior.


My little princess also enjoys admiring beautiful kid’s room especially with an elegant day bed in the middle such as this one (right image). Innovatively looking as a sofa but is designed to be used as a single or double bed when purchased with a trundle.

But what would send my little girl jumping up and down in joy is this complete Cinderella bedroom set, definitely fit for a princess. The set includes a Cinderella bed, dresser, mirror, chest and nightstand, all in the same victorian elegant design. This would be certainly make her happy for real…not just a princess fantasy.

Window Replacement

When I was a kid, there were lots of “what I want to be when I grow up” on my list. One of those would be to become an interior designer. =)

This might be the reason why until now I enjoy flipping pages of furniture and decor magazines. In my mind I always have a layout of my dream home, the best kitchen a woman could ever have and the biggest walk in cabinet full of my favorite shoes, clothes and bags.Back home months ago, I was disappointed at home the house looks so worn out and left, I would certainly want myself painting the walls if I had the time. I promised mom that I’d see to it that our house gets a new look soon.

We’ll have replacement windows and doors as well as flooring too.I kept browsing about my home design magazines as well as online for ideas since and I stumble on this website of different types of door and window replacement. Whether hinged or sliding, the doors surely make the house a lot more attractive from the photos I saw at their page. Double hang windows, gliding and awning windows are all available too. But the best feature they have is the visualizer. You can design your own window and save them for future use, a truly great way of planning your window replacement project.