Rattan Beds

When we were looking for furnitures and stuff, I was surprised that hubby chose this rattan bed, he said “it feels a lot like home.” Along with this bed we bought an L-shaped leather sofa, unfortunately, it looks beaten now, after 4 years of enduring being jumped on by the kids.

Browsing online for sofas led me to this page of elegant and conservatory furnitures from 2furnish. They offer a wide range of cane and rattan furnitures in the latest and fashionable design that fits one’s taste (and living room).

Their collection are crafted with great details and designed to suit an individual’s need…different sizes – small and compact to big corner seaters. There are L-shaped sofas, 2 seaters, 3 seaters, couch even footstools and coffeetables to match.

2Furnish also offers a wide selection of fabrics for your cushion that are available to be sent if you request for samples. A total of 30 fabics to choose from, simple and plain colored or a more sophisticated blend of textures and colors. Easy to clean is the best description, not just for the fabrics but for the removeable cushions as well.

What’s best is they give a 7-day trial period (subject to certain conditions) where you can have a feel of the furniture at your own home! They have different payment options available, and free delivery for certain areas. Check their page now!

On Talents and Faucets

“Talent is like a faucet, while it is open, one must write.”- Jean Anouilh

The past week has been a productive one for me, in writing that is. I know it’s not how I used to, it’s not my style but I thank the opportunity that I am still able to do something I love.

So what does the picture have to do with this post? Nothing, it’s just a faucet by my son’s kindergarten. Since I got a faucet quote, I thought it appropriate to include a photo! 😉 I probably need to work on that, choosing which photos to include in an article and how to relate it well.

Now, what if the water flowing froze, what should one do? ^_^